“She Said No:” A Spoken Word Poem

As his flesh met her melanin and bones, she couldn’t help but repeat a two letter sentence over and over in her mind. It was the sentence she’d commanded only a minute before.




But he had’t understood.

Such an oddity to her. As she knew the degree of simplicity the singular syllable word held – a word that so many children before her and after her would have ease muttering and understanding.

But he hadn’t understood.

And as they met for the first time inside her core where even she hadn’t ventured to alone, she pressed her eyelids so tightly light danced against the backdrop of blackness behind them. Pain scratched at her throat, tears burned her eyes. They slipped down and past the curve of her lips so she could taste the salt while another no barreled out of her mouth and into the atmosphere of betrayal.

Why hadn’t he understood? She said no.